Something Wicked This Way Comes  LbNA # 36082

OwnerDrunken Wench    
Placed DateOct 31 2008
LocationWauwatosa, WI
Found By The Dragon
Last Found May 22 2010
Hike Distance?

This box is best found in the dark. Mwahahaha!
Something Wicked This Way Comes may require some research before heading out for the box.

Don't say I didn't warn you!

Beginning at the intersection of Harwood and Glenview, take Harwood east across the railroad tracks. Park near the far end of the parking lot and enter the bicycle trail via the bridge.

Immediately after the bridge, take a left to enter a trail that snakes through the woods.

As you follow this trail into the woods, you will step over a number of fallen trees equal to the number of weird sisters. After the last tree, turn left and cross the ditch, keeping alongside the fallen tree. The trail turns sharply to the right and comes to a clearing with many fallen trees.

Please enter the name of the ghostly guest at the coronation banquet:

_ _ _ _ _ _

X = the number value (a=1, b=2, etc) of the fourth letter in the guest's name.

Walk X paces along the sandy trail. You will be standing on a root to the right of the largest fallen tree. Across the ditch you will see the entrance to another trail into the woods.

Follow this path to a many-trunked tree next to the river. Examine the base of the tree on the river side for a hiding spot marked by a stone with an eerie glow.

If by chance you encounter any witches on your journey, for goodness sake, don't ask them any questions!