The Old Forest  LbNA # 36091

OwnerMerlin and Ardea      
Placed DateOct 16 2007
LocationBrookfield, WI
Found By shooting starz
Last Found Oct 24 2014
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The Old Forest
It has long been believed that Ents, the ancient tree shepherds of The Old Forest, passed from the eyes of humans eons ago. Whether they became extinct or went into hiding has been the source of much speculation.
The discovery of an old text has made it possible to search the last remaining remnants of undisturbed forest for the presence of Ents. It reads, "If ye would discover an Ent, ye must venture into the oldest forest at hand during the dark of the moon. Then holding a bright taper above your head, examine the surface of an old tree. If ye be facing an Ent his eyes will shine upon you as does the full moon on the coldest night of mid-winter."
A modern flashlight with a tightly focused beam will take the place of a bright taper. LED lights, while bright, are too diffuse and not very effective. Holding the flashlight alongside or in front of your eye and scanning "trees" in the distance will cause the "eyes" to shine.
To enter The Old Forest go west on North Ave.,turn north (right) on Mound Zion Woods Ct., and bear left at the "Y". Park in the small lot at the end of the road. Follow the asphalt trail that begins at the north end of the lot. Soon there will be a path to the left. Turn onto it and look for the forest sentinel just ahead on the right edge of the trail. Keep following the trail until you see the eyes of the Ent off to the left. Go to him and search for the eyes of the next Ent. Continue on to the next Ent and the next until you are being watched by three Ents, one to the front and two behind. Then search the five limbed stump in the middle of the Ents.
After stamping in retrace your steps to the path and then to your car. It would also be wise to carry a compass. If you become lost or disoriented, remember that the path lies to the east. Lastly, remember that creatures other than Ents dwell in these woods. Make sure any "eyes" you see remain stationary and are not close to the ground before you walk towards them. (When placing the box, we saw two pairs of such moving eyes).