painted rock  LbNA # 36135

Placed DateOct 19 2007
LocationLincoln, ME
Planted ByTeam Solid Rock    
Found By phynstar
Last Found Jul 23 2015
Hike Distance?

painted rock

Lincoln, Maine home to 13 lakes. Find the Civil War monument on Main street. Bear right at the monument onto route6 also know as Lee Street or Road. Drive 3.4 miles. Turn right onto a dirt driveway and turn immediatly left onto an old paved road. Park. Walk up the hill until you are behind a huge boulder that the natives like to paint messages on. Don't go to this rock. Instead, look down at the pavement. There is graffiti there. Look for the words "Patty Daddy '03". While standing on these words, face route6. Look in to find another rock with blue and white paint on the left side and a stump sticking up. Look under the moss inside this hollow tree to find the painted rock letterbox.