Grampy's Guitar  LbNA # 36146

OwnerJars of Clay    
Placed DateOct 7 2007
LocationScarborough, ME
Found By StarPath
Last Found Apr 20 2017
Hike Distance?

This box is dedicated to J's grampy who was an avid guitar player. He played with some of the greats like Glen Miller, Roy Clark and rumor has it that he taught Chet Atkins how to play. (WOW) He was much loved and is greatly missed. Love you Grampy!

Make your way to Memorial Park in Scarborough, ME. Park near the restrooms that are on the right as you enter the park. Stand on the parking lot side of the building and face the street outside of the park.

Question time...

How many strings are on a guitar?

How many fingers do you use to create the chords?

Add these two digits together.

Walk that many parking spaces away from the building.

Look to your left.

See the light post? go to it

lift the base of it and find your prize

please re hide well and be sure the base is completely lowered.

Have fun!