Tink's Trail  LbNA # 36157

Placed DateOct 20 2007
LocationColumbia, CT
Planted Bydhkburns    
Found By Traveln Turtle
Last Found Oct 24 2013
Hike Distance?

This letterbox was created in honor of our lovely neice, Olivia, who is celebrating her 5th birthday. It is located along the Hop River Trail in Columbia. Take CT 6 to Hop River Road. Drive until you cross a one-lane bridge over the Hop River. There is a small dirt parking area immediately across the bridge on the left. Park there and begin your hike across the street on the opposite side of the trail from the parking lot. Walk east along the trail. On your left you will see the meadows where Tinkerbell and her fairy friends like to play hide and seek. On the right is the river where they swim and play with mermaids on hot days. Soon the river will curve to the right and bend out of sight. After walking about a mile, you will go through a tunnel under the Pucker Street Bridge (you will see a sign that says "Pucker Street") Once you emerge from the dark, take 34 paces and look to your left. There you should find a concrete block which once anchored a railroad signal. Face the block and look up the hill to your left. There you should see a tree with nine arms growing up from the base. Stand in front of the tree and look directly across the trail. On the other side of the ridge, nestled within the roots of a tree, you will find where a fairy once lived and the surprise she left behind. Be sure to replace the box with care.