Grow Were You are Planted  LbNA # 36161 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerWonder the Woods    
Placed DateOct 20 2007
LocationGreenville, OH
Found By speedsquare
Last Found Jun 7 2008
Hike Distance?

This box has been retired as of 1/2/2011. Thank you to all who shared your stamps at this box.

Grow where you are planted letterbox

South of Greenville, Ohio on highway 36 between highways 121 and 127 is a little patch of woods where the owner felt the stirring of the Holy Spirit and built a small brick chapel to share with anyone who wants to visit. It is called “Chapel of the Winds”. The “Grow Where you are Planted” letterbox has been planted on these grounds.

Pull in the drive and park near the little chapel. Feel free to explore or stop and say a prayer. If you look around you can see that others have felt the Spirit here too. Evidenced in small memorials and flowers planted on the floor of the woods.

You will notice a trail to the right of the little chapel. Follow this trail as it goes back into the woods. When it forks take the left fork. After a short walk you will notice a tree that at one time has fallen across the path and has been cut into several pieces and piled on both sides of the trail. Just beyond this point look to the fencerow on your left next to the field. You will see a break in the fencerow and a wooden corner post (with no corner). The post has a rock sitting on top of it. Look at the bottom for the “Grow where you are planted” letterbox.