Kaden's Keyhole  LbNA # 36165

OwnerDa Resq      
Placed DateOct 20 2007
CountyVan Wert
LocationVan Wert, OH
Found BySTiX22 (Attempted)
Last UpdateMay 30 2009


Kaden's Keyhole is a letterbox that I made to help my Grandson, Kaden, get started in letterboxing. We had a great trip to celebrate his 7th birthday!

Kaden's Keyhole has Kaden's initials, "KW" on a handmade stamp. This box in hidden in Van Wert, Ohio, and I believe is the first box hidden there! Way to go, Kaden!

Van Wert is accessible from many highways. One of them is State Route 118, which becomes Shannon Street in Van Wert.
Turn West on Leeson from Shannon Street and follow it out of town until you see Smiley Park on the right.

Smiley Park is very aptly named. What a beautiful park to find in a small town! This is a great place to go with kids, or for adults to enjoy a nice afternoon.

Pull into one of the first two entrances and park your vehicle. Enjoy a wonderful stroll through the pretty park, and don't forget to check out the ponds. Stroll around the ponds and notice how many nice trees there are in the park. If you are like me, you'll be checking them out to see if they would be a good place to hide a letterbox!

If you notice a group of tall "firry" trees in one corner of the park, you will be getting warm. I'm not going to give too many details..don't want to make this too easy..but, Kaden's Keyhole is hidden near the edge of the thick folliage, under the branches of one of these "firry" trees.

Good luck!

Happy Birthday, Kaden!