Lookout Letterbox  LbNA # 36185 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateOct 14 2007
LocationNorth Mankato, MN
Found By sheepdog
Last Found Jul 8 2008
Hike Distance?

NOTE: This letterbox was destroyed by a critter, probably a racoon. I will replace it as soon as possible, but for now it is not there

In North Mankato there is a great spot for viewing the river and trees. It is especially great in the fall. To get there:

Cross over the North Star Bridge that goes over the Minnesota River from Mankato to North Mankato. Take the first exit on the right, Lookout Drive. Get on Lookout Drive and follow it to the first intersection. Continue going straight, up the hill. On your left, about halfway up the hill, there is a place to look out over the trees and river. There is a sign there that says: Lookout Drive, Scenic overlook, Geologic Marker.

Park at the space provided and read the sign that overlooks the river and tells about the glaciers and old riverbed. After reading the sign go to the left of the sign to the corner pillar by the garbage can. Look towards Sibley Park - looking down you will see a small trail, going downhill towards the river. Go over the wall and take 34 steps down to a small deer trail going left and right. Go left on the trail 11 steps. You will see a chunk of firewood that is cut in half laying on the ground under the big oak tree. The letterbox is under this chunk of firewood. Please rehide as it was found.