Peacock in the Park  LbNA # 36191 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateOct 20 2007
LocationTampa, FL
Planted ByScreeching Dragons    
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Peacock in the Park is a tribute to the many childhood memories I have of visiting Lowry Park. My grandparents lived about eight blocks down the road, so we would walk to the park often. We could sit in their yard and hear the peacocks calling. We also had countless family picnics here, and visited the zoo back in the days that it certainly was not an award winning organization. Does anyone remember the cigarette smoking chimpanzee or the cement ponds filled with alligators? Shudder! Well, most of my memories of the park are wonderful ones and it has definitely grown and prospered. The zoo is now a fabulous place, and Kid City is so much fun for the preschool set.

To find Peacock in the Park, travel to the riverside section of Lowry Park (across the street from Kid City/Zoo). Find the place where the children can play in twin tree houses and slide down ribbons of blue. Face the river and take the path that leads across a bridge. As you cross the bridge, look to your left. This lovely little pond used to be surrounded by a cement wall. It looks so much more beautiful in its natural state. Continue on this path until it ends and take the path to the right. Cross a new bridge where the large ferns grow. When you come to a fork, again turn right. Up ahead on your right, you will see a large tree inviting you to climb on its branches. At the base of the tree facing the river, you will find the peacock tucked into a hole.