Shanty Hollow Series  LbNA # 36195 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateOct 21 2007
LocationBowling Green, KY
Found By McCormick Boyz
Last Found Nov 27 2010
Hike Distance?

Directions: From Bowling Green, go north on Hwy. 185 approximately 10 miles. Take Hwy 1749 on right. Do not take 1749, but take fork to the right. After turning, look for Shanty Hollow Road after about 2 miles. Park in the top lot and enter trail to the bluffs on the right.

This series begins at the trail head and ends at a waterfall.
This is a moderate hike, depending on your perspective. You will be hiking into hills and over rocks and roots. I do not recommend this hike for children under 5.

After you enter the trail, you will see Shanty Hollow lake on your left and bluffs on your right. Make sure you stay on the main trail. You will pass several small rock bluffs before coming to a series of large bluffs directly on the right side of the trail. The bluffs do get bigger, but these will be the first large ones you will see. Look for the tree on the left with a red stripe and R 11. You are in the right place.

Facing the first large bluff, follow the secondary trail along the left side of it up into the woods. As you walk up between the bluff and another large rock, look straight ahead. You will see another large bluff a little walk away. Walk to it and then up along the right side under the leaning tree. Go behind it. You will notice pointed bluffs lining up behind. Go left to the third large pointed bluff (there is a smaller point between the second and the third). Facing it, Bare Boot It is under the bluff in the large rock on the left. Look for a hole filled with smaller rocks.

Find your way back to the main trail and continue to the right. The trail will end up taking you down toward the lake. The lake was low when we were there and this section of the trail had the lake mostly dry. You will continue close to the lake for a while. You will eventually have to step over several fallen trees. Continue on your way, but at the end of the stretch of fallen trees there will be a Y in the trail. A tree will mark the way if you pay close attention. Take the trail to the right. It will take you up along the bluffs. Follow the trail and the bluffs. Take special notice of the bluff you walk under that is perfect for a campfire. You are almost at the end. Continue to follow the trail. It will take you to two large rocks. You want to continue forward between these rocks. But if you are not afraid of heights, you may want to stop and walk around the rock on the left first and look down into the ravine below. After you walk through the rocks, continue down the trail and cross the stream. If it is flowing, you will be amazed by the waterfall. Facing the waterfall, walk up the fallen tree on the left. At the top, facing the bluff, walk again to the left. Stop under the leaning tree above and count about 8 paces. See the tree growing on top of the rock on the left? Face it. Hang Dog is under a small rock at the roots on top. If you haven't begun to climb and are facing the tree, the rock you are looking for will be about chest level up next to the trunk.