Take it easy Letterbox  LbNA # 36202 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateOct 21 2007
CountyNew Haven
LocationMeriden, CT
Planted Bytraildog    
Found By Flutterby Flew By
Last Found Mar 13 2009
Hike Distance?

The “Take it easy” letterbox is located on the Quinnipiac river gorge trail in Meriden Ct. The trail begins at the corner of River Rd and Oregon Rd. Parking is at the entrance to the trail by the red bridge or across the street near Hanover pond.
Begin by walking along the trail under some power lines and the ¼ mile marker. At the ½ mile marker there will be a bulletin board and benches. Here you will see the remains of an old dam that was used to power the factories of Meriden. While walking to the 1 mile marker you will pass brownstone formations on your right and the sights and sounds of the rapids below you as the river rushes by to your left. Soon after the 1 mile marker you will arrive at another bulletin board with happy seats (benches). Here you will see the remains of an old railroad crossing. You will continue along the trail until you come to an area where there is fencing on both sides. On the left behind the fence, find a three trunk oak tree. Go behind the fence and to the oak tree. The letter box is not at this tree. If you stand by the oak tree and face the river, you will see an maple tree 6 paces (2 steps is a pace) ahead of you. Behind the maple tree is the “Take it easy letterbox”. The letterbox is carefully placed under some stones. If you lift the flat piece of Brownstone on the top of the pile of stones, you will expose the letterbox.