Simpson Series #1: Family  LbNA # 36221

Ownertortilla taco    
Placed DateOct 20 2007
LocationMinneapolis, MN
Found By Ehartnet
Last Found Apr 6 2012
Hike Distance?

Course Type: Easy - Medium
Time: 1 - 1.5 hours
Children Friendly: Yes
Dog Friendly: Yes
Update as of September 8, 2009: I have recieved many emails stating that the Maggie and Homer boxes (the last 2) are missing. Unfortunately I am out of the country right now and cannot verify for certain. I will hopefully be able to have one of my letterboxing colleagues verify shortly. Sorry, this is very dissapointing to me. And I am not sure when these will be replaced.

This is dedicated to one of the longest running cartoons that I grew up with, I hope you all enjoy the hunt and get ready for a series #2 coming soon!!

Go to Theodore Wirth Park and park at Wirth Beach. Park on the opposite side of the playground. Cross Glenwood Ave and start on the trail where there is a sign that reads “Emergency Vehicles Only”.

Tarb Nossimp
Immediately on your right there will be a path between two swampy areas. Take this until the intersection of four, take the left path towards Eloise Butler. Count 64 paces. Don’t go farther than the man-made wooden plank flowerbeds on your right. On your left, at 30 degrees, you should see large fallen dead trees. Step into the woods and hidden under the first tree is a 10-year-old self-proclaimed underachiever.

Sila Iposmsn
Continue on the paved path, feel free to stop at the Eloise Butler Wild Flower Garden and Bird Sanctuary. Follow the path until you get to a “T”. Go forward and uphill on a nature trail. Go down the hill to catch up with paved path. Once you catch up with the paved path there will be 3 lone trees on the right hand side. Past the 3 trees you will see 2 trails. Go for the one on the right. Continue up the dirt trail until you see a broken tree that bends over the trail. Pass under and on your left are 2 trees that share one trunk. Look inside to find the sax-a-ma-phone playing, vegetarian, pony loving young lady.

Ergma Osispmn
If you are feeling adventurous continue on trail to the clearing. On your immediate left is another trail that goes back down hill. The trail may seem unmarked at times, but you should be able to find your way. Otherwise, head back to the main paved path. Continue on the main path to the pavilion. Hop off the main path to the right of the pavilion. Walk down what would be an amazing sledding hill. From the picnic table, go forward about 50 degrees to a trail. Walk a little ways on the trail and you will see a long fallen dead tree parallel to the trail. Walk 13 paces into the woods from the end of the fallen tree to a stump. In the stump lies a strong willed and blue haired lady. (there is a new fallen tree in the middle of the path, this is not the tree to follow, stump is before fallen tree)

Eggima Mosinps
Continue on trail and walk around tennis courts to the intersection of Xerxes & Glenwood. Cross Glenwood to catch up with paved path. Restroom break here. Continue on path and take 2nd right. Go toward shared trail sign. Cross over bridge and look under the left hand side of bridge. Maggie is under here 2 planks in. Feel around, this curious baby is hidden well.

Ohemr Posmins
Continue on shared trail for just a few steps, on the right is a wooded trail. Take this as it follows along the creek. As you follow the creek you will start to see old railroad ties on your left in the brush (if you’ve gone to the bridge overpass, you’ve gone too far). When you get to the last railroad tie, count 3 in. Inside the tie is the Nuclear Power Plant employee drinking beer by the tracks.

Now turn around and walk back to the shared trail toward Glenwood Ave. Follow the trail parallel with Glenwood to get back to Wirth Beach parking lot. Feel free to play on the playground.