Twilight of the Sea Gods  LbNA # 36226 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateOct 20 2007
LocationSeaside, OR
Found By rubberpeace
Last Found Dec 31 2007
Hike Distance?


Directions: In Seaside there are three main beach accesses, one on each end of the Promenade and one in the middle. Start anywhere but end up at its northern terminus, 12th avenue.

CLUE: Walk out to the shore, turn right and walk until you meet the mouth of the river. Turn right and walk upriver along the tip of Seaside's 'peninsula' formed by the ocean and river. As you round the bend to walk up the river side you should see a large wave-shaped building across the river, east from where you stand. In an exact line from the wave building there is a short rise of sand and vegetation that runs north/south. If you see a municipal facility just behind it on the south end (water department) you know its the right place. On the top of the ridge is a unique sharp-tipped shrub/tree about five feet tall.There is another, shorter one on the south end but you want the tree closest to the northern tip. Under the protection of its branches lies the box, hidden on the west side under a rock cairn.