Wheely Fun  LbNA # 36250 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateOct 22 2007
LocationSacramento, CA
Planted ByMather Treasure Hunt    
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Wheelie Fun

Location of letterbox is Sacramento State University. 6000 J Street.

Start at the location of the new building that was made. It is full of books books and books! Pass the parking that only lets you park for a small amount of time. The left side should be the building and the right side should be a parking structure. Face the water and walk straight ahead. Walk the path and make your feet into wheels (your going to pass yellow posts). Keep walking until you hit a split. Either go down a road or stick to the path. Pick one! Roll ahead! If you pass the sign that says HIGH WATER 86-You’re on the right track! Drive ahead on your wheels until you come to an area. There should be two objects on either side. These objects help make paper! Keep walking until you see a splash of crush. Look around and wheelie fun will be found!

Second box--"THE WAY"


Turn around and head back to where you first started. After walking for a while..STOP! TAKE THE STAIRWAY TO THE GROUND IT'S COLOR IS THE SAME AS PATRICK STAR! Pop bubbles as you walk over them (be VERY careful..cars ARE passing).Your back should be towards the water. Make a right. After walking a few feet. Go the opposite direction of the parked cars and motorcycles. You should pass by the old university book store (it should be to your right) Walk until your in a huff-STOP to smell the flowers on the right. Walk a few feet. Two paths appear. Choose the one that you think is right. Take 100 steps and look up high there should be a rainbow in the sky. A snake like path will show you where to go dont wait for the leaves to fall like snow. Walk until you're tired-maybe you can lean on the yellow posts? BREAK is over, walk once more. TIRED AGAIN? Do some more leaning on the yellow posts. A city in thailand should be to your left. Make a quick left BEFORE you see A.A.T.S.A. Stop at the rail! Take 16 steps LEFT? RIGHT? DOWN? YOU PICK!

Find THE WAY in the green !