Leaves of Healing 2  LbNA # 36260 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerWonder the Woods    
Placed DateApr 28 2008
LocationGreenville, OH
Found By Pioneer Spirit
Last Found Jan 10 2008
Hike Distance?
Last EditedNov 25 2015

This box has disappeared. Thank you for your intrest.

Take 571 south east of greenville for a country drive. Turn left on Routzong and travel a short distance to reach Routzong Preserve. Park, and find the walk-in entrance next to the gate. This will set you on the path to the "Leaves of Healing 2". Follow the trail of mown grass through the narrow strip of the preserve flanked by two fields. There are landmarks along this strech of path that I will let you discover.

As you enter the woods, the trail will fork, take the left fork with the field on your left. As you follow this trail there will be two bends. Notice the tall tree flanked by a large fallen log. Inside the smaller portion you will find the "Leaves of Healing 2".

The original "Leaves of Healing" described here has disappeared, I am leaving these directions to an interesting tree, if you want a side trip.
When the path enters the woods and you see it fork take the branch to the right. Follow the trail as it takes you into the corner of the field then back into the woods. Repeat. As you continue you will find a charming foot bridge. Cross it and you will see another fork in the trail. Go to your right. Just ahead you will see a large twisted tree on your right not far from the creek bed. As you approach it you will discover why the trunk is so wide at the bottom and quickly gets smaller as it goes up. Step inside if you like.