Bend In the River  LbNA # 36276 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerThree of a Kind    
Placed DateOct 25 2007
LocationFaribault, MN
Found By Gramma Iris
Last Found Oct 1 2009
Hike Distance?


In the town of Faribault
There’s a place for you to go
To get in touch with nature
And watch the river flow.

Follow the road that leads in
Until it stops and ends
This is where you want to park
For soon your journey begins.

Look for the paved trail
By the map colored in blue
This is where you will start
So read the next clue.

Take the path down the hill
That goes to the right
Make sure to look all around
Isn’t it a wonderful sight?

Soon a right down Turtle trail
Will bring you to a pond
Here kids of all ages
With nature will surely bond.

Take some time to look for turtles
Sunning upon the logs
Standing there quietly
You possibly can hear the frogs

Continue down the trail
Until you come to a T
Follow to the right
I’m so glad your listening to me.

As you walk and wonder
Which way should I go
Make sure you curve to the left
So you may see the river flow.

Use some extra “Caution”
As you head down to the river
You’re nearly halfway there
So the treasure we must deliver.

Cross the wooden bridge
And continue on your walk
Now you should be thinking
Finding it should be a lock.

If you need a rest at Tuffy’s spot
Please don’t fret or fear
What you want you soon will find
For it is getting quite near.

The bench donated to Mr. Blaine
Is where you want to freeze.
Look directly north about 30 steps
For the two intertwined trees

Here is where the treasure hides
I am glad you did not fail.
Take a look then go back the way you came
Or continue down the trail.

If you go back a different way
There’s a fun new trial to follow
Just remember to keep an eye out
For another trail called Owl.

This would lead you to the left
And closer to your car
This way may take more time
But the end is not too far.

Thanks for taking time
To go and look and find
The little treasure in the woods

*This letterbox was approved for placement.