Pillsbury Doughboy - unavailable  LbNA # 36290 (ARCHIVED)

Ownertx dragonfly    
Placed DateSep 9 2007
LocationQuitman, TX
Found By purplenic
Last Found Nov 9 2008
Hike Distance?

This box has been pulled due to all the work going on in the area for the arboretum. I hope to replant it eventually...

Handcarved Easy No room for a hitchhiker
Planted 9-9-07, but clues not entered until 10-25-07.

I decided to place this box at the Governor Jim Hogg City Park in Quitman. This park has a Light Crust Doughboys Museum, although it and the stamp are (very) loosely related. The park is 27.9 acres and has a pavilion, playground, restrooms, RV Park, and 2 historical homes.

The Light Crust Doughboys was formed by Bob Wills in 1929 under the name of the Wills Fiddle Band. The name was changed when Burrus Mill, manufacturer of Light Crust Flour, became the sponsor of the group. It was common for musical groups to take on the name of their sponsor back then. O'Daniel became the announcer for the Doughboys who were heard on more than 170 radio stations. Most of the broadcasts originated on WBAP, Fort Worth. The popularity of The Doughboys was such that O'Daniel (the manager) was able to win the governorship of Texas as a result of his connection with the group.
The Light Crust Doughboys have played prestigious festivals throughout the United States, have toured Austria, and make frequent television appearances. Current Light Crust Doughboys have over 150 years of combined experience playing in The Light Crust Doughboys band. The Light Crust Doughboys were named The State of Texas' Official Music Ambassadors by the 74th Texas Legislature, are Texas Commission on the Arts' official touring artists, and are inductees in the Texas Cowboy, Texas Western Swing, Rockabilly, Texas Music, and Cowtown Society of Western Music Halls of Fame. The Light Crust Doughboys are considered the longest-running country and western band in the world and one of the top historical bands of all time.

This park is off of 37 in Quitman. If you are traveling north on 37 (from Tyler, I 20, or I 80), the park will be on the left. (By the way, this is close to Lake Fork, the bass capital of Texas).

-To get to the box: Park in any spot for the park. Make your way to the back of the park, away from the playground, pavilion, and picnic area.
-Find the James A Stinson home - it'll have a historical marker.
-Go around the right side of the fence (as you're looking at the house from the front). There will be a slight clearing in the woods to the right - head back that way.
-You'll see a tree with spray paint to the right (unless they remove it), a hardwood tree that is very straight, tall, and has few low branches in the middle, and an almost double-trunked tree on the left (It looked double-trunked, but with closer inspection it is just 2 trees very close). There is also a leaning tree a little further back.
-Behind the "double-trunked tree, near where the 2 trunks meet, is the Pillsbury Doughboy letterbox.

There was a little bit of poison ivy in the area - use caution.

Happy hunting.