Benjamin's Pine  LbNA # 36294

Placed DateSep 15 2007
LocationIndianapolis, IN
Planted Byredheaded league    
Found By The Spot Team
Last Found Jul 26 2008
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Benjamin's Pine

These clues set a course through 1.5 miles of gravel pathways with moderate climbing.
*See below for easy and/or handicapped accessible clues.

Fort Benjamin Harrison State Park Clues:

Set your foot along Fall Creek Trail
Leaving Delaware Lake without fail

Take the path along Fall Creek
If beauty and tranquility you seek

Through the hardwood forest -- an uphill trek
Stop to rest on the observation deck

Continue on and cross Harrison Trace
Keep up your spirits and your pace

See the water lilies at the edge of Duck Pond
Look for the shelters on the shore beyond

Continue on past number three
Find the deadfall just west of the lone pine tree

Take a bearing of 270 degrees
25 steps to my treasure you'll seize

(Return home by Camp Creek Trail
Through the trees and down the vale)

* The Duck Pond may be reached by Harrison Trace -- a 2.5-mile loop of paved trail with some grades, but which is handicapped accessible. Some assistance may be required to secure the letterbox once you decipher the clues starting from the Duck Pond.