A Box of Bones  LbNA # 36303 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerGhost of IRA Boxer    
Placed DateOct 25 2007
LocationCypress, TX
Found By Open Space
Last Found Jan 21 2012
Hike Distance?
Last EditedSep 23 2015

A box is a box. A box made for a specific purpose is identified by that name. For instance, a jewelry box is made to hold jewelry. A mail box is a depository for mail. You all know what a letterbox is. One particular box, built to hold human remains, is called a coffin. In time, a coffin is nothing but A Box of Bones.

This box is located in Telge Park. From Highway 290, go north on Telge Road. In about 3/4 mile you will cross Cypress Creek. The park will be on your right. Turn right on Pleasant Grove then a quick right into the parking area.

To find the box:
Stop and read the historical marker by the parking lot and playground. Look for a long wooden bridge entering the woods and marking the trail. Cross the bridge and look for a wooden trail marker about 20 feet ahead pointing left. From this marker turn left and follow the trail to another marker where the trail splits. Bear left at this junction and continue straight ahead until you see an arrow pointing away from an American Elm on your left. From the arrow, keep going straight for 100 steps. Look left to the boneyard of dead trees. Turn and walk 20 steps into the woods, stepping over two of the big logs on the way. To your right you will see a huge log. The dead tree is raising one limb towards the sky. In a cavity on top of the log, next to the upraised limb, is the Box of Bones.