Witches In Connecticut  LbNA # 36318

Placed DateOct 27 2007
LocationEast Hampton, CT
Planted Bycabynfevr    
Found By grammyandgrumpy
Last Found Jul 28 2010
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Witches In Connecticut

When we think of witch trials our minds immediately go to Salem, MA. Did you know that CT also had their share of trials?
The first person put to death for the charge of witchcraft on Colonial soil was Alse Young from Windsor, CT. She was accused of sickening her neighbors cow
and was hung at the green in Hartford (the site of the Old State House today), on May 26, 1647.
There were 46 individuals accused and 11 put to death in Connecticut for the charge of witchcraft.

This letterbox is on the Air Line Trail in East Hampton starting at Smith St. Very easy but watch your footing at the box, it's uneven and slippery when wet!

Walk east on the trail until you come to the second ledge on your right. At the far end of the ledge you will see a tree that appears to be growing out of the ledge being supported by the "Y" of another tree. Under the "ledge growing tree" you see a large rock with three smaller rocks in front of it. In between two of these smaller rocks you will find what you seek!