Ticks  LbNA # 36324

Placed DateOct 27 2007
LocationEvansville, IN
Planted Bybawa    
Found By Team JSABAIL
Last Found Oct 10 2015
Hike Distance?
Last EditedOct 12 2015

Ticks is a fun Country Music song by Brad Paisley. We choose to hide this stamp in Scott Township Park because in addition to the fun song about ticks, we've picked up a few ticks while letter boxing at this location. Bring along your bug spray before you set out to find this one!

You will start by finding the Oak Tree Trail. It is located just past the shelter house on your left. Follow the path until you come to the Tulip Poplar Trail. You'll be turning left on Tulip Poplar. Follow the trail around until you see an unusual tree, shaped a little like a lightening bolt on your left! Just past this tree and a little in the front, there are two trees that have grown together to form a perfect seat for stamping in your log book. There is quite a bit of moss on this tree as well. Around the side, you'll see some bark near the base, move the bark around and you should find a perfectly safe tick that you don't need any bug spray for!