Superhero Series #10: Peter Parker  LbNA # 36375 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateOct 29 2007
LocationBeaverton, OR
Found By Toby
Last Found Nov 2 2007
Hike Distance?

UPDATE 6/3/09: This box has been pulled and will be re-planted soon in a different location!

FIRST FINDER PRIZE... and it's a pretty good one!

This is my 10th and final stamp in a series of Superhero themed boxes that I have planted throughout the Beaverton area. All 10 boxes are in relatively close proximity to each other, making the task of collecting the entire series in one trip doable. All you need is a map (or Google) and a good pair of walking shoes!

First, know this. There is NO parking near the box. You will have to be creative in your efforts in arriving at its location. You can park a few blocks away along the road, but I would recommend parking in the lot at the base of the 'mountain'. You'll appreciate the find that much more after a nice brisk hike :)

SW Citrine Loop is located off SW Citrine Way in Beaverton and provides an excellent dwelling for this 'wall-crawler'. From the intersection of the two Citrines, follow the Loop around until you spy a path headed a bit higher. Take this path around and up and you will find yourself in a spot that provides one of the best views in the neighborhood! From the end of the path, locate a picnic bench and position yourself at it's NW corner. 17 steps at 290 degrees (magnetic) to a medium-sized tree. Creep around behind the tree to find Mr. Parker hiding on the downhill side. Box is buried under leaves, cement and more leaves. Please take the time to re-hide this box well using as many leaves and/or broken branches to obscure both the box and the cement slab covering it!

One more note! Please DO NOT attempt to recover this box if there are other people enjoying the view. The terrain is such that searching for the box with others present will most certainly alert them to its existence! Simply stick around for a few and enjoy the view until they have wandered off. Thanks!