Cascade Park  LbNA # 36385

OwnerNorth Shore    
Placed DateOct 30 2007
LocationNew Castle, PA
Found By Janda Kerrivin
Last Found Aug 22 2015
Hike Distance?

It appears that box #4 is missing currently.

Cascade Park was founded in 1896 and was named for its scenic beauty. Shortly afterwards, amusement park rides, picnic shelters, and a Victorian dancing pavillion were added. It was so popular that railroad tracks were built nearby to bring the estimated 25,000 people who attended the park daily! Today, it is an amusement park "graveyard" but still is a beautiful place to visit the past. For more information on its history and pictures of the park in its heyday visit

There are six Halloween letterbox stamps hidden on the grounds but the logbook is located in the first box. To find all six would probably take an hour and there are some hills to climb. Not advisable for strollers

When approaching Cascade Park on Rte. 65, pull into the big parking lot across from the VFW and park near the woodline. There is a trailhead here with a map. Do not take a left turn here - stay straight and walk until you find the stone block overlook. While looking over the stream notice a broken off stump to your left about 15 feet. Your prize is hidden under a dried hunk of wood inside the stump. Please stamp the book here whether you choose to continue or not. The rest of the stamps will have the same amusement park "graveyard" theme.

Stamp #2 you will find by continuing on the same trail and taking the first left turn you come to which heads you downhill. At the bottom you will turn left past the old concrete docks you will then see on your right. In its golden days, this valley was flooded into a nice size lake for boating, fishing, and ice skating. Make a right turn towards the area with picnic shelters, large pines and a gazebo. Go to the end of the parking lot, go past the walking bridge and follow the path into the woods along Big Run Creek. There you will find what is left of the Comet, two rollercoaster frames crossing the stream.Behind you is a hill with two large overhanging rocks at the top. Between them about 1/2 way up the hill is a large boulder propped next to a tree with hanging grape vines. What you seek is on the far side of the tree, at its base, under a rock.

Go back to the parking lot and turn left to follow the road up the hill. Staying left, you will pass the old pool and some gorgeous rock formations. At the top of the hill is a picnic area to your left. Walk to the right side of the fence there and look at the cascading waterfalls below. Directly behind you are rocks circling a double pine tree. You will find #3 under the darkest rectangular rock closest to you.

Continue walking on the road staying left across the bridge. There will be a roofed wooden platform that used to be the loading station for the train that circled the park. Walk to the end of the ramp and remove the small rock underneath to find #4.

From the end of the ramp look up to see the domed building. This used to be where the musical carousel was located. Walk all the way around the right side of the building to where the rock wall meets the brown lattice work. # 5 is located in the rock wall behind a loose rock. (about 2 rocks up from the bottom and several rocks from the building.)

To find the last stamp, continue on the road downhill past the bocce court and plastic playground. This was where the kiddie ride section of the park used to be. You can still see the track of the firetruck ride around the planter. On your right is a stone wishingwell/garbage can under a roof. Behind this structure is a series of steps. Walk up to the set of 9 rock steps. On the left side of the 4th step is a rock hiding # 6. This is where the ferris wheel used to be.

Go back to the road. Turn left heading back toward the playground. On the left you will see the glacier trailhead that will take you back to the parking lot or you can take the longer, but less steep, walk back around to see the white pavillion and old entrance to the park. THat will also take you back to the parking lot.

Happy Halloween!