Deliverance  LbNA # 36408 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerThe Pakrat    
Placed DateOct 31 2007
LocationNorth Arlington, NJ
Found By the cross-tie walker
Last Found Jul 22 2012
Hike Distance?

Brush clearing activities at the box site have buried and/or muggled the box. It will not be replanted.

Hurricane Sandy uncovered the original box. I've merged the two boxes, used the original stamp, and put the new pages into the old logbook.
I cleared my throat again. The old, toothless man turned and fixed me with a stare, all the more disconcerting because one eye had a milky film over it. He looked me up and down, drew a long pull on his dirty corncob pipe, spat, and then replied, “Y’know, yer th’ second person today is asked me thet very same question. Funny. Well, ah’ll tell yuh what ah done told him. First of all, yer crazy tuh want tuh go there in th’ first place. But here’s how tuh get there anyways. Yuh gots tuh go tuh th’ Riverside Park in Lyndhurst. Or was it North Arlington? Actually, ah think it’s both places. Park yer car in th’ first lot on yer left; there’s a place where th’ young’uns can play while yer trying tuh find th’ stupid thing. Make sure yuh gots yer affairs in order, then go tuh th’ southeast corner of th’ parking lot. Climb th’ rise and continue east until yuh hit a fence. Turn right and follow th’ fence. When yuh get tuh th’ corner, turn left and keep on following it. When yuh get tuh th’ next corner, turn left and keep on following it. When yuh get tuh th’ next corner, turn left and keep on following it. No… Wait a minute. Don’t turn left, keep going straight.”

At this point, I will admit that my attention wandered. I was distracted by the sound of a pig squealing which issued from the door which stood ajar behind the old man.

I then noticed that he had stopped talking, and was fixing me again with that stare of his. “Yuh listenin’ tuh me, boy?”

I mumbled an apology and he went on.

“As ah was saying, make thet left turn and follow th’ fence until yuh clear th’ woods. There’ll be a path crossing in front of yuh, follow it tuh yer right and go past th’ place where people slap their balls over Annette. At th’ eastern corner, where th’ pavement stops, sight 270 degrees and go 22 paces. Sight 288 degrees, walk straight 30 paces and pass th’ pipe.”

A small boy, about seven years old, peeked out the door and looked at me with a dull vacant expression. I was sure he was feeble-minded. When he saw me looking, he quickly ducked his head back inside. The old man continued.

“Follow th’ riverbank north until yer blocked. Go straight up until yer unblocked. Sight 22 degrees and walk straight until yuh hit th’ road. Follow th’ road north. Find th’ 8-sided building next tuh th’ 6-sided building off tuh th’ east. Stand on th’ northern side with th’ wall at yer back and walk straight ahead and slightly tuh th' right on th’ path out of th’ parking lot until yuh find th’ train tracks. Back up a few steps, turn left and follow th’ paved path. It will branch off tuh th’ right. Go three dozen paces on this path until th’ pavement ends and yer in the middle of a clearin’ near th’ river...... or was it stand on the northwestern side with the wall at your back and walk straight ahead on th’ path out of th’ parking lot until yuh find th’ train tracks then turn right until yer in th' middle of th' clearing? Anyhow, what yer looking for is in th’ second hollow tree at 30 degrees.... No... No wait jest a minnit. Thet tree done got blowed over in a storm and the thing was moved over under th' railroad bridge on the other side of th' clearing. Yeh, I 'member now. It's down under them sticker bushes.”

He held his hand out expectantly. I reached in my pocket and handed him a twenty. He stuffed it in the pocket of his grimy shirt. The pig squealed again from inside the house. He shouted back through the half-opened door, “Clem, how many times ah got tuh tell ya tuh stop doin’ that to th’ sow; she don’ like it none!” He noticed me still standing there watching him, and stared at me again, before shouting, “Yuh got whut yuh came for; go on! Git offa my property ‘fore I set th’ dogs on ya!” I left in a hurry.

· No ink included; bring yer own. Red is suggested.
· 1 pace = 1 footfall
· Watch for thorn bushes and wet muddy ground.
· The area is frequented by joggers and senior citizens out for a walk. Also, there are numerous athletic fields in this park. Be discreet.