The Unicorn Forest  LbNA # 3642

Placed DateMay 10 2003
LocationWashington, CT
Planted ByPo & Cakes    
Found By Sojourner
Last Found Apr 6 2008
Hike Distance?

From the junction of 47 and 109 in Washington, go North on Rte 47 to the Hidden Valley Preserve. Parking is a large gravel lot on the right near the sign for Bee Brook. 30-40 minutes; difficulty Medium.

Once upon a time a virtuous young maiden went for an early morning walk along the Shepaug river. She headed up a tree lined path following the east bank of the river. Noting a sign marked "No horses", she left her valiant steed behind and continued on foot.
She followed the trail until she noticed a hunter and his dog encamped near a large stone fireplace on the far shore of the river. The maiden recalled signs posted by the King's men offering a handsome reward to anyone able to capture a Unicorn and deliver its horn to the king. This alicorn as it was called was generally believed to have powerful healing abilities and was highly sought after.
The maiden thought it terrible that such a noble beast would be harmed for its horn, but she did not fear for the safety of the Unicorn which is far too swift and too strong to be harmed by force. This is why the Unicorn constellation Monoceros is safe in the sky just to the left of the hunter Orion, and above Canis Major.
The maiden continued her walk into a grove of trees where she began to walk quieter, sensing something special about the place. She stopped by a young balsam fir growing just right of the trail, about 50 maiden's right foot paces from the small wooden bridge. There she noticed the morning sun breaking over the crest of the hill, sending shining rays of light through the mist which veiled the forest.
Turning from the trail, she walked with the morning sun rays at her back towards the water. She had gone only half a dozen paces when she found a place to sit quietly. She sat down at the base of a tree, silently watched the mist dancing over the river, and listened to the sounds of the forest slowly waking around her.
After a few minutes of silent reverie, a tall white figure emerged from the misty grove to the waters' edge. Sensing that the maiden was gentle and virtuous, and bore only pure intentions the tall, stately Unicorn approached the maiden, knelt down, and laid its head in her lap as she sat at the base of the tree.