Hall's Pond Letterboxes  LbNA # 36426

Placed DateOct 28 2007
LocationEastford, CT
Planted ByCamo Lizards    
Found By Nairon
Last Found Apr 23 2017
Hike Distance?

You will need a watercraft to reach these letterboxes, as they are on islands.

Take Route 198 North from Rt. 6 in Windham. About 4 miles up the road you will come to Hall's Pond
Rd. on the left-hand side. (There is a little brown boat launch sign on Rt. 198 pointing to this road.) Turn left and go .8 miles to the boat ramp on your left. You can put kayaks, canoes, rowboats or small motor boats in this pond. It is a rocky boat ramp. We've also seen people float around in inner tubes and rafts. In the summer the water here is quite warm and comfortable, perfect for a swim or picnic on one of the many little islands. People also enjoy fishing for bass here.

Stand at the end of the boat ramp looking at the pond. Straight ahead there is an island at 330 degrees. Get in your water craft and go to this island. Dock on the west side of the island, where there is a place to pull up your boat. Step up to the foot path. Follow it to the spot where the path curves to the left. In front of you there is a white oak. Behind it is a log where you will find The Boat Letterbox. (As of 3/2010, the Boat letterbox has gone missing. Will try to replace and post. The Fish letterbox is still there.)
Return to your boat and look west. Head to the middle island which sits beyond and between the two closer islands. This is the largest island in Hall's pond. Go to the west side of the island, where there is a clearing under the pine trees. On one of the pine trees there's a sign that says “NO CAMPING” on it. Pull your boat up on this bank and follow the path to the top of the hill. At the clearing at the top continue straight along the ridge and count about 30 steps down the sloping path. There is a white pine on the right. A few steps in you'll find The Fish Letterbox. You have now found both of The Hall's Pond Letterboxes. We hope you enjoyed your trip around the pond!