Sycamore Flats  LbNA # 36431 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateNov 2 2007
LocationBrevard, NC
Planted Byskeeter    
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From the parking lot, walk along the sidewalk and find the 3 section sign.
Take the short path on the left to the river.
At the end of the path, admire a beautiful Poplar tree.
Way up under the roots on the right you will find a box in a hole.
Cautions: Beware of poison oak vines that wrap around the base of that tree and their leaves that may have fallen. Also beware of critters that may share the hole
Hint: Have a friend squat a few paces away to spot the hole. They should be able to see the edge of the box sticking out of the hole.

This box was placed by the L.I.F.E. Homeschool group as part of a club project. Best wishes and blessings to you from L.I.F.E.!