Power Up!  LbNA # 36461

OwnerMouse Medley      
Placed DateNov 3 2007
LocationKnob noster/warrensburg, MO
Found Byspanky_kc
Last UpdateJun 14 2008


Mario and Luigi need your help! Koopa kidnapped the princess in the mean woods of Knob Noster State Park! World 1 begins with you entering at the Opossum trail head. You encounter Donkey Kong throwing barrels at the first fork in the road - dodge left and continue on. Count 60 paces to the beam in the path - don't trip and fall in the castle lava. Look to your left and see the wicked tree where Mother brain might be hiding. Continue on the trail to world 3 to the next marker in a clearing. Walk about 80 paces and on your left and there will be a large cedar tree and another tree that looks like its falling backwards. At the large cedar head South or at 180 degrees into the woods and walk 60 paces dodging Shredder and the Turtles. Look for the Tri-Force cedars. At the Tri-Force trees, look to your left for a tree with a big butt where Koopa is hiding 21 paces away! Defend the castle and claim your prize!