North Park Springboro  LbNA # 36470

Placed DateNov 4 2007
LocationSpringboro, OH
Found By jncope
Last Found Mar 11 2012
Hike Distance?

Difficulty: Easy with one steep climb.

This letterbox went missing already but has been replaced 6/08. Still active as of 8/09. Please rehide well.

UPDATE: The wind storm of 08 caused a tree to fall near the box. The box is still there but the fallen tree branches are covering the tree you are looking for.

Find North Park in Springboro on Tamarack trail off of 741.

From the parking lot-follow the walking path north toward the shelter with picnic tables. Just past the second bend, look for a path into the woods on your right near black walnut #39. Follow this path down the wooden stairs to the bridge below. As you approach the bridge, there will be three trails on your left. Take the middle path to the first fork. Go right to the hollowed out tree and follow the path on your left that parallels the stream. Go across the twin field pipes and past the large Sycamore on your left. Continue 45 paces past the stream (in the wet season)which cuts across the path. 28 steps to your right you will see a fallen tree still growing as three. You'll find what you're looking for in the hollow of thee.

An alternative route to get to the base of the tree is go past the tree to a trail to right that leads to the edge of the water. There is a tree across this path, go under the tree and head back to your right, you should be able to come to the trunk of the tree from behind.