Just Say Yes to Letterboxing  LbNA # 36472

Placed DateOct 30 2007
LocationColumbia, MO
Planted Byaudiomama    
Last Found Mar 28 2012
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Clues to Just Say “Yes” to Letterboxing LB

This is the first in a series of letter boxes that will all relate to musical groups our family loves. We are calling this series the “School of Rock.”

We put our very first letter box in Columbia, MO far out on the prairie where children play. Happy Hunting!

Helpful hint #1: One pace=one step with your right foot and one step with your left.
Helpful hint #2: Best to hunt for this one on the weekends or M-F from 5-9 PM.

Using a kid-friendly ciper, decode the letters below to give you your starting point. (Hint: Z=A, L=O)


Begin your "Drama" at the front doors facing the highway. Look straight out and walk towards the ancient timepiece. Still facing the highway, notice which direction the hand is pointing you. Walk in that direction (careful for cars) until you see the carved log. Our mascot tells you something important to note for later. Count the number of letters that are carved. Continue along "Close to the Edge" of the property counterclockwise around the building until you reach the white soccer goal. Turn right and continue along counting the total number of soccer goals you can see and remember this for the end of your journey as well.

Find the first gazebo and make a right and walk to the second gazebo. Turn to face the “cottage” classrooms and walk towards them. In between the rows you will find a path. Follow the path to its end. You will spot the "Fragile" imagination shed through the softball fence. Walk to the shed being careful as you cross the gravel road. Once you reach the shed, continue to the northwestern corner of the outdoor classroom. Face the ancient timepiece then turn 180 degrees to find a path running through the prairie. Kids like to sit awhile in the outdoor classroom if they need a break. Calculate the number of soccer goals plus the number of gazebos you have passed. Multiply by 6. (For kid paces, calculate the number of soccer goals and add only one of the gazebos, then multiply by 11). Continue down the “prairie path” for this many paces until you come upon the benches.

Have a seat facing the pond and look slightly to your right to find the last gazebo. Walk to the gazebo and stop at end of the ramp on the far side. Continue 4 paces (7 kid paces) until you come to the “T.” Make a right. Recall the number of letters on the wooden log at the start, then subtract three. (Coincidentally, this is the sum of "9, 0, 1, 2, & 5".) Proceed this many paces down the path. (Add 10 paces for kid paces). You will come upon a shelter only a Boy Scout or Surviroman would live in. You will see the “V” tree to your left. All snuggled up behind this tree lies your prize. There is an “audio” treat for the first 3 finders of this box. Enjoy your YES!

As always when letterboxing, enjoy the contents, stamp up and then replace the box rehiding it just as you found it. Remember to be discreet and observe the hours above. Thanks to TMP for granting permission to plant this box. Go Prairie Dogs!