The Oggys: Super Joggy  LbNA # 36485

OwnerJoyful Explorer    
Placed DateNov 4 2007
LocationBettendorf, IA
Found By CF Boxers
Last Found Mar 28 2013
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*Alive and well as of May 17, 2010*

This year I decided I wanted to be in cross country . . . it was hard at first, but I LOVED it! Believe me, it's not as hard as everyone says it is, and if have kids, it's a great sport for them to be in. It's not like football, or soccer, or basketball, where only the kids who are really good play. Everyone runs in cross country! And everyone cheers for everyone, it doesn't matter what school you're from! We actually had our second meet at Crow Creek Park so, I decided to place my little tribute to such a great first season here. Most of the Joggys deal with an enemy of some sort. Since in cross country, there is no enemy, only yourself, I made this story different. Super Joggy is battling herself in her race to the finish line.

When you enter the park, turn right. (Super Joggy was pumped the day of the race. She ate a power bar, gross, and drank some gatorade.) Keep going, past ONE flagpole on your left, until you reach the THREE flagpoles. (She got on her Blue Devils uniform and headed out to the park.) Park in the lot. (The team did a warm up run, stretched, and lined up at the start. On your mark . . . boom! There was the gun!) Now see the playground? (A sea of brightly colored runners took off across the field. They went down the hill and followed the white lines.) It's southeast from the flagpoles. Stop at the playground to go down the amazingly fun slides and swings. (Super Joggy kept her eyes up and pushed onward.)

Then find the path behind the playground. (Whew! Super Joggy started getting a little out of breath!) Walk down this tiny trail until you meet up with a big trail. (Okay, she was half way done, but there was a BIG hill up ahead!) Go west along the trail for 57 steps. (You can do it Super Joggy! People cheered for the runners as they struggled up the hill.) You will stop by the mouth of a drain. (The hill felt like a mountain to Super Joggy. She wanted to walk so bad.) Now get out that compass again and look up the hill into the brush at 150 degrees. (But Super Joggy pushed the bad thought out of her head. She knew she could do it. "I know I can, I know I can!" she thought in her head.) You will see an funny looking tree. (Almost there . . . almost . . . There! She made it to the top and smiled with relief.) Take thirty one steps to this tree and look in the nook. (Whew! The end was up ahead and she picked up the pace.)

Please be very discreet, this park is very busy. (There was the crowd at the end yelling for her to have a strong finish. She started to sprint.) Also, thanks to Jazzy Ally and Chocolate Chica who helped me hide this box . . . and to Tommy, an old friend of mine who does cross country at another school, and who thought of Super Joggy in the first place. And of course to Joyfinder who helps me hide all of my boxes and who cheered me on all season! (YES! She crossed the finish line! She made it!)

*One more note- I recommend bringing stamp colors of the school you graduated from or which ever school you support now . . . I did Super Joggy as a Blue Devil with red and blue, but she can be whatever you want her to be!*