Just Ducky #6 in the Farm Series  LbNA # 36492 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateNov 4 2007
LocationTroy, OH
Planted ByMah Jongg Queen    
Found By kansas chick
Last Found Nov 10 2011
Hike Distance?

This box is located in Riverside Cemetary in Troy. To find Riverside Cemetary take Rte. 41 to Adams St. and turn North, and follow it over the river and past Hobart Arena (on the right) and Community Park (on the left). At the intersection turn left and go past the first entrance to the cemetary. Turn right at the next entrance. The drives are all named, and you should be on Central. Continue on Central to Northern, turn left on Northern and continue to intersection of Northern and Woodbine. At this intersection, with your back at the signpost, take a compass reading of 28 degrees. You will see off in the distance a lone headstone which is across the road and about 60 yards away. At the headstone take a compass reading of 290 degrees, and walk 15 paces to a humongous great old tree. Look in the tree under the fungus among us. Please don't disturb the living fungus. Be discreet, there are always people in this cemetary. Note: The Fascinated Finders have 2 boxes in this cemetary.