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Charleston Carnegie Public Library  LbNA # 36494 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateNov 1 2007
LocationCharleston, IL
Planted ByTake time for FUN!    
Found By GreyHouseGhostBuster
Last Found Dec 30 2007
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Welcome to Charleston Carnegie Public Library! We are located at 712 6th St, one block south of the Charleston square. The Library opened its doors to the public on January 11, 1904, partly due to a very generous donation from Andrew Carnegie. We are open Monday-Thursday 10-8 p.m., Friday-Saturday 10-6 p.m., and Sunday 1-5 p.m. We offer everything from public access computers to your favorite book on audio-cassette! Also, while you're here, please check out our expansion growing in the back, which will boast more space, a parking lot, study rooms, large meeting rooms, a teen room, and much more! For more information please call us at 217-345-4913 or visit us on the web at

*Outside on the front of the library there is a plaque in the wall that reads, The Gift of Andrew Carnegie MCMII. What year do the roman numerals represent?

*Find the protrait of Andrew Carnegie as you make your way to the Young People's Area. What year did Carnegie die?

*In YPA reference, find the book titled "Treasury of Quotations for Chlidren" (JR 082). What is Andrew Carnegie's quote?

*In Genealogy, go to the Eastern Illinois University Warbler yearbook section. Who was the President of the University the year Andrew Carnegie died?

*Add your first two (2) answers together. Then add 591.6 to that number. This will give you a dewey decimal number. Go to non-fiction and use your number as reference to a section about a certain war. Who was the president of the United States during this time?

*Between the two fireplaces in the Adult Area, there is a filing cabinet that is our vertical file. Look for the person that is the answer to your last clue and go the the back of the drawer...