Box needs first aid - see comments in Status page Old Stomping Grounds  LbNA # 36511

Placed DateNov 4 2007
LocationGrafton, OH
Planted ByRazing Cain    
Found By Dr. Strangewool
Last Found Feb 27 2016
Hike Distance?

This letterbox is located in a little forgotten town of Grafton. It is part of the Lorain County Metro Parks in Indian Hollow Reservation. You can find directions to get there on this link .
Make sure to bring a pen and stamp pad with you.

Turn into the park and follow the drive to one of the farthest parking areas. Park in the parking area next to the restroom building that has the park map next to it. Follow the grey stone path found behind this building into the woods. You will see a telephone pole with a trail leading down to the creek on the right. Continue past this till you see a bench and a “Park closes at dusk” sign next to this. Walk over the bridge and continue on till you get to a “Y” in the path with an uprooted tree in front of you. Go to your left. There will be a trail to your left coming up, continue past it walking a ways also passing a trail on your right. Continue straight until you get to a part of the path that goes over a ravine. On the right you will see a tree stump with a view of the creek behind it. On the left there will be four fallen tree logs. Go to the second log. You will see two large rocks covered in moss with a smaller rock in between. Lift the small rock to reveal the letter box.