Musician Series: Modeste Mussorgsky  LbNA # 36523

Placed DateNov 4 2007
LocationPortland, OR
Found By Magical Music Man
Last Found Jul 14 2015
Hike Distance?

This five year old series is a classic letterboxing tour, so it's about time for a classical musician to join the promenade! Begin this search the same as the others in the series, originally placed December 8, 2002.

After (1).22, look for a (2). Take the trail opposite. At the (3), head south. You will find what you seek at the base on the far side of the ensemble.

(1) Mussorgsky's piano composition Pictures at an Exhibition is based on the paintings of which artist?
a. Gavri Kondratenko (9)
b. Viktor Hartmann (10)
c. Vasili Golynski (11)

(2) One of the short musical pieces of Pictures is, Ballet of the . . .
a. Ants in the Borscht (picnic table)
b. Birds in the Trees (street lamp)
c. Chicks in their Shells(fire hydrant)

(3) The compostition A Night on Bare Mountain is homage to the mountain where strange occurances were known to happen on June 23rd (St. John's Eve)
a. Mt. Triglaf (gate)
b. Mt. Elbrus (bend)
c. Mt. Kosciuszko (crossing)