Go Fetch!  LbNA # 36530

Placed DateNov 6 2007
LocationRockford, OH
Planted ByDa Resq    
Found By STiX22
Last Found May 30 2009
Hike Distance?

(First Box) Paw Prints 2 is hidden in Riverside Cemetery, 3133 Us Route 33, Rockford, Ohio. This beautiful old cemetery is located West of Rockford on US Route 33. Travel out of town past Barry's Super Market and watch for the cemetary on the south side of 33.

Turn into the West entrance, where the big iron gates are located. Drive south down the lane and watch for two "Knight" tombstones on the left side of the lane.

Paw Prints 2 is hidden at the base of a large tree near these tombstones.

(Box 2) In Memory of Macho
July 10, 2006-July 19, 2007
Macho was my beloved Standard Poodle, who died of kidney failure. May you rest in peace, Buddy. I'll see you at Rainbow Bridge!

After you have found Paw Prints 2, turn left down the gravel drive, heading East. Continue to follow that drive around until you get to the curve/intersection. In Memory of Macho is hidden in the branches of a small tree on the right hand side.

(Box 3) Go Fetch!
After you have found In Memory of Macho, follow the drive around to the right, and continue on. When you come to the Y in the drive, veer to the left and continue around the curve to the right.
You will be on Westernmost path in the Cemetery. you will see a series of small, round, red bush/trees. Stop and admire the first one you come to on the left side of the lane.
Someone who is especially curious might closely examine the folliage at the very base of this bush. Please look carefully...it's really there!
Please be sure to reseal and re-hide these letterboxes carefully.

Please note: there are also two boxes hidden in Shane's Park in Rockford.

Good luck!

Please have your pets spayed or neutered!