Charley Harper Series: Charley's Acorns  LbNA # 36532

OwnerLindsays Snowman    
Placed DateNov 3 2007
LocationCincinnati, OH
Found By Sigfam
Last Found Jun 2 2015
Hike Distance?

These acorns were copied from a painting by Charley Harper. For more information about Cincinnatian, Charley Harper look at the clues for the Charley Harper Series: Generation Gasp.

In Mt. Airy Forest there is an amazing tree house that is handicap accessible. (

Mt. Airy Forest is on Colerain Blvd off of I74. The entrance to the park is near the top of the long hill and on the left. After entering the park, take the road to the left. The tree house will be on the right side of the road..

Take a tour of the tree house. On the way up the ramp you can see the Bengals who contributed their time in building this unique structure. Look at the design that the pavers and the names make. Go on up the ramp and into the house. Cool “couch!” Look out of the window facing East – this window has three slanted branches with no forks. What do you see when looking out the window – very large fallen tree? Go there. Look on the east side. Do you see anything interesting? Look behind the pavers on the left.

Please rehide so that the letterbox cannot be seen.