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Friedman Memorial Forest Letterboxing Series  LbNA # 36543

Placed DateNov 5 2007
LocationAshford, CT
Planted ByMt. Hope Homeschool    
Found By Bungalow Boxer
Last Found May 2 2017
Hike Distance?

Rated: Moderate. The hike is a 1.88 mile loop, which take about 1 ½ – 2 hours.

Directions: (From the Joshua's Tract Walk Book) Take Bicknell Rd. east from Rt. 89 1.1 m. north of the Mansfield-Ashford line or 1.9 m. south of Rt. 44. Go .7 m. on Bicknell Rd. to it end on Bebbington Rd. Turn left on Bebbington Rd. and go .2m to its intersection with a dirt road, Bebbington Lane. Go a little farther on Bebbington Rd and just beyond a house look for a small parking lot with Joshua Trust signs on the right side of the road.

As noted in the Joshua's Tract Walk Book, Abraham Friedman, a Hartford lawyer, conveyed this property to Joshua's Trust in September 1987. The land is generally covered with forest, despite a lumbering operation that was conducted about 30 years ago. Some very large trees still remain on this property. Perennial Bebbington Brook runs through the western part of the property. The land here is hilly and there are some swampy areas to look out for. The following letterbox series was planted by the Mt. Hope Homeschoolers, a group of children ranging from ages 5-12. Each child made his or her own stamp. There are no stamp pads or pens in the boxes so please bring you own stamp pads and pens.
From the parking lot follow the trail until you reach the bridge. After the bridge take the left path. Follow this path until you reach a log on the trail. Look left a t the big oak tree with dead limbs hanging on it. There is a wall in front of the oak. To the right, treeside, there is a hole in the wall where you will find Letterbox #1, the Skateboard Stamp. First box found, keep rolling on the trail!

Continue on the trail uphill until the path takes a sharp turn to the right. Then take about 15 steps and look to your left. You will see a tree with three trunks. Letterbox #2, with the Lucky Clover Stamp, is hidden behind the tree. Success, may your good luck continue!

Continue to follow the trail until it levels out and then starts to go downhill. As you approach the bottom of the hill it gets rocky. The path will lead you to a dried-up swamp with mossy rocks (we planted the boxes in fall after a long drought). After a few steps on the mossy rocks there are markers on both sides of the trail. You will find the next letter box right under the tree with the left blaze. It spreads its roots over the mossy rocks and across the path. WARNING: unless the rain and snow has washed the box out, congratulations you have found the #3 letter box, ''the crazy twisty stamp''. (As of 3/2010, the crazy twisty stamp letterbox is missing.) Thank you for coming to this letter box and we hope you have fun.

Continue on the path, with a steep climb uphill to a stone wall. Where the wall meets a hollowed out tree, the trail now bends to the right and soon starts to go downhill. The descent grows steeper and you come to a lake at the bottom. As you are taking in the beauty of the lake, be careful not to stumble over the log that lies across your path. This very log houses the letterbox #4. Follow the log up into the woods opposite of the lake. A hole near the end of the log will grant you your treasure. Stamp the letterbox stinky cheese, set sail and sail with the breeze!

Continue on the trail away from the lake, gradually climbing uphill. As the trail bends to the left, crossing a bed of rocks, you will see a rocky mound of earth on your right. Coming out of this mound is a tree with a blaze (facing the other direction) on it. Look down at the rock this tree is growing on and you'll find Letterbox #5, the Sword Stamp. En guard!

Continue uphill on the trail. You'll pass through an old stone wall and bare left, following the yellow blazes. Notice the pine trees off the trail to your right. They are virtually the only pines you see on this walk. As you walk between the next two old stone walls, go off the trail and follow the stone wall to your right. You will come to an old tree with a hollow in it. The final letterbox, #6, with the Spiderweb Stamp, rests here.
Congratulations! You've found them all!

Return to the trail and continue to follow the yellow blazes. You are about a ten minute walk back over the bridge and to the parking lot.