Observation at Sunset  LbNA # 36544

Placed DateNov 8 2007
LocationNaples, FL
Found ByThe Dragon (Attempted)
Last UpdateJul 31 2009


Lost! I will let you know when I replace this!
Go to the State Park at the end of Immokalee Road, by Wiggins Pass. There is a $3.00 entry fee per car. Park at the very end, by the obsevation tower. Follow signs to Obsevation Tower, just before you get to the steps, hop off the boardwalk and walk behind the tower. The letterbox is placed under the 1st step, marked by a pile of broken shells and hidden by a rock. This is a handcarved stamp of a sunset, so if you bring your own ink, or markers it will look better. suggested colors blues for the ocean, yellows, reds and gold for the sunset. The logbook is somewhat small, so let me know when it needs new pages. Also, bring a pen, there is not one in the box. Now run up and enjoy the veiw from the top! My letterbox "birdwatching" picks up where this one ends.