Which One Came First?  LbNA # 36549

Placed DateNov 7 2007
LocationHouston, TX
Planted Bymother of five    
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Once upon a time, a mother chicken had a chick and an egg. They were fighting, as many siblings do. “I came first!” said the egg. “No! You came last, I came first!” said the chick. “No, no no! I was first, and you were last!” said the egg. “I wasn’t last, I was first!” said the chick. On and on went the argument, until the mother chicken finally yelled, “ENOUGH! I HAVE HAD ENOUGH! I will tell you two where you can find the answer to your question about which one came first, just stop this incessant fighting.” Then, probably because of the stress of listening to the bickering, and because it was getting close to chicken cocktail hour, the mother began to babble. This is what she said:


The chick and the egg understood exactly what she meant, however, and went off in search of the answer to their question. When they arrived at the spot their mother had told them about, they began exploring, and found an old truck that had crashed while delivering eggs. There, tucked in the rear right wheel base, was the answer they had been searching for, hiding behind some stones.