Jinkys...A Mystery!!  LbNA # 36556

Placed DateNov 7 2007
LocationGlide, OR
Planted ByMystery Machine    
Found By Esmerelda
Last Found Jan 13 2008
Hike Distance?

"Gee, Freddy, It sure was nice of your uncle to let us use his YURT for the weekend." Stated Daphne as the Mystery Machine zoomed down DIAMOND LAKE HIGHWAY.
"It sure was. I'm surprised he's not using it. He stays in this yurt so much you'd think it was his full-time home. He wouldn't say why he ditched it." said Fred.
"Jinkys, I hope there's nothing wrong." Stated Velma.
"Yeah, like, I'd hate to run into something creepy while we're chowin' on eggplant and marshmallow s'mores, right Scoob?!"
20 minutes after leaving their lab in Roseburg, the gang finally reached the road that WHISTLER'S up the BEND towards Freddy's uncle's yurt.
"Like, I can't believe there are so many TEEs around here!"
"Reah, I rike frizbee!" Exclaims Scooby.
"Gee, Freddy, I sure need to use a washroom. Could you make sure it's one with a mirror?!" Exclaims Daphne.
The gang parked in the bathroom's TOP PARKING LOT, piled out of the Mystery Machine and....SUDDENLY CHAOS ENSUED! Danger prone daphne was dragged up a hill by The Swamp Monster; Freddy was hauled away by a wolfman. Velma was nabbed by Cap'n Cuttler's Ghost, and Shaggy and Scooby were chased across hills and valleys by the Toxic Monster. Can you save the gang and unmask the real villain?

- Park your car where the Mystery Machine parked. Walk to the Yurt Patron Parking sign and turn so the sign is at your right. Look up the hill to the left of your line of sight.
- There's a group of four and #3 becomes two. Of the four, the tree on the right, at it's base, holds the clue. A stamp and a logbook is waiting for you. Just look for the hole on the left of the tree and you'll have discovered danger-prone Daphne.

Stamp your book and then stamp mine, but follow the enclosed clues and the rest of the gang you will find.

This letterbox hunt takes you all over the area to appreciate our favorite weekend hangout. Devote at least half a day to this hunt, and wear good shoes. Bring your own ink pad. As always, please be sure to reseal all boxes and re-hide even better than how you found it. This area is well used so be sure to be discreet.