UT Pride  LbNA # 36558

Placed DateNov 7 2007
LocationTampa, FL
Planted ByDucky and Pickle    
Found By bucman
Last Found Jul 28 2009
Hike Distance?


- We will go check it out and try and replace it 8/10/09

To find this letterbox you must go to the campus of The University of Tampa, in Downtown Tampa. Parking can be a bit difficult. Once there, proceed to the John H. Sykes College of Business.

- Start where the Babe's longest homerun landed - an amazing 587 ft. drive! He accomplished this feat as a Boston Red Sox player, against the New York Giants.
- While facing the sign, notice the columns to your right.
- Pass the columns and follow the path between the two buildings, heading towards the little white schoolhouse. This was constructed circa 1855 by Gen. Carter for his daughter.
- Facing the schoolhouse, follow the path along the left side. Cross the parking lot towards the lonely set of benches.
- Notice the flagpole in the distance...walk in it's direction.
- Once you reach the flagpole, turn left and proceed up the stairs through the lobby of the amazing building you see with the majestic minarets.
- Pass a resemble of Mary and her Lamb, and a young boy by the name of Rosalind.
- Walk out the other side onto the veranda, with the large fountain featuring our nation's bird in front of you.
- Look to the right and you should see a path shaded by a low tree canopy. Proceed down this path.
- When you reach the first stone from 1913 surrounded by bricks, turn left.
- At the second stone, same as the first, turn left again and look for the Sticks of Fire.
- Go up the steps, following the handrail to your right. Face the statue with the river to your back, and look down to your right. You will see a box for light. Through the brush and under the box you'll find your surprise.