Giant Ents (was Joyce Kilmer)  LbNA # 3656

Placed DateJun 14 2001
LocationRobbinsville, NC
Found By Florida Sunsets
Last Found Nov 10 2005
Hike Distance?

Joyce Kilmer Memorial Forest
Primitive USFS camping nearby at Horse Cove - 18 sites; first come, first served.
Leashed dogs okay; please pick up litter.
Well-travelled but rough trail. Please wear ankle-supporting hiking boots.
Compass needed.

(Please do not put this box into a plastic bag. Thank you.)

CLUES REVISED 5/17/03. Changes indicated with *.

(Hint: This was my first box; The poem issued forth long before I knew the difference between a step and a pace - so these are really Small Woman Steps, not true paces...but it rhymes, so I'm not changing it... :)

*Between the Restroom and the Kiosk
Look for a trail, but please, don't Osk!

Cross not the Bridge, but up the Rail into Green and Mossy Vale.

Up step and root, past hidey-hole, Watch for Lizard, Mouse, and Mole.
Rotten log and Slippery Bridge, Left is Creek, Right is Ridge.

At the "Y" sign what you wear will decide which way you bear!
Right if clothed, Left if naked - this is the crux - will you make it?

Up and pass (all on the left) These clues of Nature, some bereft.

ONE is hemlocks side by side
TWO is long low mossy pride
THREE is upright velvet shady
FOUR is Mama and her Babies
FIVE the Head-High Hollow find
SIX the Three-in-One do twine
SEVEN will be Downed and Quartered
EIGHT a Perfect Letterbox Tree
(Alas, too close to path for Thee!)

Oh, but NINE! What have we here? Aha! Our treasure box is near!

Cross the Curvy Wet but STOP! The nubby shoe-sized stump's your lot.
From little stump eleven pace, THEN 340 on your "face."

Pace up and 20; you will see a straight and upright Hugging Tree.
This is it; now be discreet, Find the purple twixt her feet.

Do not call, do not Knock. Kiss the tree and Move the Rock.
When you've stamped, Ladies and Gents, return to the Loop to visit the Ents.