Farm Series #1, #2, #4 and Read, Read, Read  LbNA # 36563

Placed DateNov 7 2007
CountyVan Wert
LocationVan Wert, OH
Planted ByMah Jongg Queen    
Found By Angel Winks
Last Found Mar 14 2016
Hike Distance?

You will want to take St. Rte. 118 into Van Wert. In town St. Rte 118 becomes Shannon Street. Coming from the south, follow Shannon to Leeson St., and turn left, west on Leeson. Follow Leeson a mile or so to John Brown Rd. and turn right on John Brown Rd. You will soon see Woodland Cemetery on the left. Does anyone else think it's ironic? Following John Brown to a cemetery..."John Brown's body lies a moldering in his grave?" Never mind.
At the furtherest side, north, of the cemetery you will want to turn left, go through the iron gate, and enter Woodland Cemetery. Follow the drive to the first mausoleum, curving to park on the curve just past the building. Look at the large tree directly across from the mausoleum doors. You will find a lamb in that tree, Box 1.
Box 2 is The Old Red Barn, and you will want to continue past the mausoleum, going right at the first Y. Follow the drive, continue right . Just past the section 20 sign go left on the gravel drive. Stop at the gravestone of Clinton Hoghe, and walk to the closest large tree on the left. Look left to the next tree and find the Barn. And on to Box 3...Go approximately .3 mile and where there if another Y go left on the gravel drive at section 26. You will see a tall pink gravestone on the left that says Barr. Look to the right and see the steps. At the top of the steps, look in the gap between the step and the cement cap. READ, READ, READ!!! Now read clues to the fourth box. AT the next Y go right, at the paved drive go left, at the Y go left at a gravel drive you will see section 68 on the right. At the next Y go to the right in front of
Eldon Evans mausoleum. Continue going right at next Y and right on a paved driveway. All of this should have taken you to the far west, back side of the cemetery. If not, get there on your own!!! the last drive and you will look at the last resting place of German, which is flanked by two cedars. You will find an old goat in one of these cedars.4