The Wedding Letterbox  LbNA # 36583

Placed DateNov 9 2007
LocationMontville, NJ
Found By (hidden)
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Last EditedSep 15 2015

The Wedding Letterbox
Pyramid Mountain Natural Historical Area
Planted 11/09/07 by Wingfoot & Angelfoot
Montville, Morris County, New Jersey

Clues: Easy
Terrain: Fairly Easy
Time: 45 minutes

This series can be done in conjunction with the Pyramid & Turkey Mountain series.

Please be discreet, as some areas of this park are heavily traveled.

Established after a lengthy grassroots effort to preserve the area from development, the Pyramid Mountain Natural Historic Area is over a thousand acres of open space rich in natural and historical resources.

The broad mountains, flat-topped ridges and narrow valleys of Pyramid Mountain are not only beautiful but also vital in feeding downstream reservoirs, supplying needed aquifers and supporting flora and fauna. The wide variety of natural habitats found within Pyramid Mountain include fields, forests, streams, swamps, and ponds, which support a number of plants considered uncommon to New Jersey as well as threatened and endangered plants and animals. Bears, snakes, foxes, and bobcats have all been seen in the park.

Historically, Pyramid Mountain is important for its lessons about the Lenape Indians, who flourished in this area, and the early European settlers, who came to the area to take advantage of its rich natural resources.


Interstate 287 North Bound, Exit 44 Main Street Boonton. Proceed to Boonton Avenue (County Road 511). Turn RIGHT. Proceed 3.3 miles on Boonton Avenue. Visitors Center on LEFT (Opposite Mars Court)

Take U-turn for right on Boonton Avenue (County Road 511S). Proceed 4.4 miles. Visitors Center on RIGHT. (Opposite Mars Court)

Turn RIGHT on Boonton Avenue (County Road 511). Proceed 4.4 miles. Visitors Center on RIGHT. (Opposite Mars Court)

Take blue trail from parking lot. Cross bridge and pick up yellow trail on right of blue trail. Pick up orange trail on right side of yellow. Eventually you’ll come to orange blazes directing you to make a right on trail. The next set of orange blazes will indicate to make a left. From the tree with the blazes indicating to make a left go 21 paces at 10 degrees. Behind tree, underneath a flat rock is what you seek.

Please rehide completely hidden from view once you stamp in.

This letterbox was planted to commemorate the wedding of Wingfoot & Angelfoot. The stamp was used on some of our wedding favors.

Afterwards you may turn around and retrace your steps or if you picked up a map make a circuit hike.