Let it Snow! Let it Snow! Let it Snow!  LbNA # 36612

Placed DateNov 10 2007
LocationLancaster, OH
Planted Byanna louise gang    
Found By Steele Guitar
Last Found Jul 30 2010
Hike Distance?

Let it Snow! Let it Snow! Let it Snow!

This Letterbox series is located in the Forrest Rose Cemetery off of Rt. 158/ Columbus St. in Lancaster, Ohio. There are other letterboxes found on the cemetery grounds and at Keller Kern Park beside the cemetery.

Be careful in here, as the grounds are very hilly and there are tight turns.

Box 1: 1st Snow
*I’m 10 years old, and this is my first homemade stamp and letterbox placement. I’ve been letterboxing for about a year with my aunt and cousin, making up “The Anna Louise Gang.” I thought I should place my own series. ENJOY!*

Come into the cemetery, and go right as the road widens. At the next two intersections, continue right. Pass a large praying angel on the left and keep going until you see a “Blizzard” coming on your left.

From the “Blizzard,” take a reading of 20 degrees. Up the hill you will see an anchor; go to it. There is an evergreen tree bush beside “Thomas Fogelsong.” If you go to the far side of the tree bush and look inside, you will find what you’re looking for.

Box 2: Big Snow
*I named the stamp “Big Snow” because it’s my biggest picture on a stamp.*

Go back to the road and continue. At the Y in the road, veer left. Stop by the “Little” mausoleum on your right before another intersection and go to the left front corner. Look east and walk to the “White”-ness.

Take a reading of 240 degrees and go 20 paces to the shallow stone wall near the road. At the opening on your right, look under a stone leaning against the wall, and you will find a “Big” surprise.

Box 3: The Last Snow
*I am calling this “The Last Snow” because it’s the last in the series.*

Go left at the Y in the road by the “Little” mausoleum and continue up the hill to next Y in road and go left, turning away from “Roby”. Go straight and pass the “Harman” mausoleum. At the next intersection, turn right. Follow the One Way sign going right. You will be on this road for a ways. Also enjoy the view of Lancaster from this high point.

You will be driving to the other end of the cemetery. As you’re going down the hill, you will see “White” on the right just before the turn going to other roads. From the “White” go 57 paces at Due North to evergreen bushes. You will know you’re right when you see “Wright” between the bushes. Look inside the bush on the right to finish your Snow Day of fun!!

To Leave: Take the second road after the turn. Turn left and take either road to leave. Be very careful of the dips and turns, please!

Credits: I hope you liked these boxes. I really enjoyed doing this. THANK YOU!!