Tunnel Hunters Series: Stewart Tunnel  LbNA # 36625

Placed DateNov 10 2007
LocationNew Glarus, WI
Planted ByLightchaser    
Found By Trail Rider
Last Found Nov 20 2012
Hike Distance?

Difficulty: Moderate
Approximate time: 45 min or more

Stewart Tunnel was built in 1887 and is located 3.5 miles easterly of New Glarus on a very approprately named road. 0.5 mile west of county Hwy. "CC".

If you find this road from Hwy "CC" you can park along the southerly right-of way where the trail crosses it and walk south to the tunnel.

If you are more ambitious you can park in the village of Monticello at the old depot on the southeast side of town and ride a bike north to the tunnel. When the trail forks just north of town GO RIGHT. (plans are in the works for a bonus box along this route for ambitious people only, to be placed in the spring/summer of 2008)

No matter which way you take to get there. When you get to the tunnel you will need a light. The tunnel was built on a 2 degree curve so you will be unable to see from one end to the other until you get to the middle. Once you reach the middle of this tunnel you will notace it has been relined with concrete walls and a steel roof. the old roof caved-in in the 1990's and had to be replaced before it could be opened as a bike trail. When you get to the middle of the tunnel walk northeast to the brick lined part of the tunnel. on the northwest side, follow the highest drainage holes northeatserly from the concrete part till you see a limestone block about 12 feet up. Below this block and to the right there is a drainage hole, it sould be the 4th hole in from the end of the brick lining. Inside about one hand length you will find the letterbox, you will need to use the other drainage holes in the wall to climb up and find it. Don't worry it is only 10 feet, be carfull and you will be alright.

When stamping in be carful the log book was made on short notace and is fragel. Replace where found about one hand length in with the darkest side facing out so the graffity artists do not find it. Take the time to walk to the far side of the tunnel, you have come this far already there is nothing more to fear.

Or is there!?!

There are a hand full of tunnels still left in the southwestern WI. / Northwestern IL. area. Look for more letterboxes of this series to come in the summer of 2008. I regret to infom you though, the best tunnels are landlocked by private ground and are only accesable from the nearby streams or with the landowners permision. I have seen these tunnels and they are beautiful works of man and nature.

happy hunting

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