Trail of the Blue Ninja  LbNA # 36633

Placed DateNov 11 2007
CountyEl Paso
LocationColorado Springs, CO
Found By boxtops
Last Found Sep 28 2008
Hike Distance?

Letterboxing is a great hobby to lead you to new trails, but sometimes we are led to new trails in other, surprising ways. We were led to this trail by a toy called the Blue Ninja.

Terrain Difficulty: Easy. Less than a mile to the box over mostly level paths.
Clue Difficulty: Easy if you know the code.

Directions: To find the Blue Ninja, make your way to Popes Valley Drive and follow it to the corner of Golden Hills Road. Go right (north) up the hill and park near the trail access next to mailbox 1155.


- No inkpad or pencil in the box, make sure you bring your own.
- Though Ute Valley Park is in a somewhat settled area and we've never seen any big animals here, bears, coyotes and even mountain lions have been reported, use good judgment. As with nearly anywhere in Colorado, watch for rattlesnakes.
- I may answer questions about decoding the cipher; other than that, please do not ask me for additional hints without offering a bribe of unpublished clues, hitchhikers, etc.
- Please email me with notes about the box: