Thae haunted forest letterbox  LbNA # 36642

Placed DateNov 11 2007
LocationBerlin/Meriden, CT
Planted Bytraildog    
Found By Teeker
Last Found Apr 27 2012
Hike Distance?

The haunted forest letterbox

Distance 1.1 miles GPS coordinates 41^34.576N. – 0.72^49.977W/

To find the haunted forest letterbox, you must travel to Rte# 71 Chamberlain highway to Rte# 364. After traveling to timberland Golf course about ¾ of a mile on the left, you will see Edgewood road on the right. Turn right on Edgewood road and continue past farms on both sides of the road. You will soon pass a horse farm with white three railed fences on your right. Soon you will pass under some power lines. After the power lines you will see a small parking area with cement barriers on the right.
After parking walk south on Edgewood road for a very short distance to the trail head. You will pass through an orange gate onto an old fire road that is a part of the Blue Blaze trail system leading to west peak in Meriden. Follow this fire road and the blue blazes. After 2/10 of a mile you will find a fire road that turns to the left. DO NOT TURN, continue straight. You will go down a small hill and over a stream. Continue on this trail to 6/10 of a mile where you will turn left with the Blue Blaze trail. Continue to follow the blue Blazes up the hill as you walk on the old fire road. At 8/10 of a mile the Blue Blazed trail turns right into the woods. Continue straight by staying on the old fire road. While walking further up the hill for another 3/10 of a mile you will come to a clearing. This clearing is an underground gas pipeline. Continue straight across the clearing and turn right onto the trail before you reach the woods again. The trail soon turns left and enters the woods again. The haunted forest letterbox can be found about 25 paces (a pace is 2 steps), ahead of you under a large fallen log surrounded by many thinner logs on the right side of the trail. The box is under the log at the end closest to the trail. There are branches under this log creating a pocket for our letterbox to rest.