Geode Bridge  LbNA # 36657 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerWeeble Boo and mama    
Placed DateNov 12 2007
LocationMt. Pleasant, IA
Found By Playing In Gratitude
Last Found May 31 2010
Hike Distance?

***CHECKED ON 03/24/2012-MISSING****

Start on SQUARE one at the old steamy.
Go west on Washington through the Drug Store stop light.
Turn left at the next light,then right at the T.
Head down the hill past the pool.
Turn left again and drive towards the park.
Park across from the playground.
Look south and walk across the stone bridge.
Cross a second bridge to the east of the table.
Beware the witches house to the left.
From the end of the second bridge, walk 30 steps up a
hill to a small tree.
Look to the south walk past a sewer cap and across the
narrow concrete path. BE CAREFULL ! There is a downed tree at the end of this path.
Walk 15 steps south from the end of the concrete path.
Turn east and walk 10 more steps into the woods between
two trees.
Look at the base of a fallen tree that hasn't reached
the ground.